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Since 2005, A “Peace” of Art, located in Port Elizabeth, Walmer, is more than just another art shop. In this shop crafts and arts are the tools used to make people realize their endless potential. People not only learn the techniques of different craft and art forms but also life skills, which they can apply to other areas of their lives.


We stock material to do mosaic, scrapbooking, bead work, decoupage, repousse, paper crafts, paper clay, wiring, pewter and much, much more. Our passion is to create and develop, therefore our products are surprisingly different with a new fresh look. If you need new ideas this is the place to start, stop, stay and play with.


We challenge people to look beyond the logic of the left brain to a deeper understanding of authentic creativity thus no space is left for rigid steps to be followed. We specialize in personal and professional leadership working individually with every person. This makes the classes a fun and relaxing experience where one can escape the day to day worries and find peace and tranquillity.


From kiddies programs to understanding of the deeper self through making a to-take-home craft/art work, is presented every day of the week as well as Saturday mornings.


We love people, so come and experience a “peace” of our (he)arts.

Contact Details

A "Peace" of Art

85 Main Road



082 770 9994

072 304 0797


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